Readable YouTube URLs

The short version: for people who frequently link to YouTube videos, readable YouTube URLs are a way to make the text of the URL describe the video being linked to. This is not a URL shortener like TinyURL or; you can write down a link and give it to your friend without telling the site about it beforehand.

I've always been annoyed by YouTube's unreadable URLs, to the point where I won't click a YouTube link from a friend without a description of what it points to so I can tell if my time will be wasted. Last night, I threw together a noncommercial service that uses LuckyTubes to take human-readable URLs and runs them through YouTube search to redirect them to the appropriate YouTube video. For example, points to Paul Graham's Startup School 08 video, and it really shines if you use it to link to music. It is written with Django and uses memcached to avoid going to YouTube after someone fetches a URL once; there is no database. Code is on the lturl branch of luckytubes at Github and will get moved to the master branch when it's more stable. Feedback welcome; thought this might help someone generate some ideas.